Friday, February 1, 2008

My cross border ambassadorial role!

Ok, ok I can hear my family shouting at their screens right now that the only thing that I would be a good ambassador for would be Starbucks. However, please hold onto your seats. My little contest that I'm running as a result of Bloggy Giveaways has reminded me of many of the things that I love about Canada (good to remember in the dead of winter!) Here are some of them in random order:

  1. The Canadian Rockies. These are gorgeous, big, majestic and breath taking. I lived in Lake Louise for two summers and fell in love with them and they haven't grown old at all!
  2. Victoria, BC. Buschart Gardens, all the flowers in residential neighborhoods, the architecture, the slower pace, the personal friends that I have there are fabulous.
  3. Toronto. This is a big city but the world's most multi-cultural city. Within a three block radius from one of my best friend's house there is really great Lebanese, Carribean, Portugese, Indian and Italian food... and about five fabulous LYS (local yarn stores) within a 20-30 minute walk. Seriously! It's always an adventure.
  4. Healthcare. This is not perfect but after a trip to the emergency room in the States this past summer (thank you health care benefits), I still received a remaining bill for $84. We get this taken care of here and up to a year for maternity leave.
  5. Our fun little accents. I can hear it after being away for a while but it's just normal, right? We say please, thank you and sorry in conversation to people that we know and don't know yet. We don't necessarily mean it but whatever, it sounds nice.

Anyways, keep your eyes peeled for some of my favorite American things next week!


Sheila said...

Hi Knittinchick! I just wanted to let you know that you were picked by the random number picker for my giveaway!
Send me your address to my email (sheryan at cableone dot net) so I can get it to you! Congratulations and thanks for playing!

happygeek said...

FREE STUFF!!!!!!!!!! Isn't your day better already! Nice necklace chicky!
I trust you have a fabulous weekend!

Scattered Mom said...

LOLOL....I agree with you!

I also love our wild blackberries and maple syrup.

And who can leave out SMARTIES?