Friday, February 15, 2008

Klutzy moments

You might have hand-eye coordination issues if:

  • You are at a knitting class and are learning a complicated technique (the teacher told me it was hard!) and you are trucking along only to find out that you've done it wrong. Five tries later, you realize that you just can't get the only important stitch. You might need to go back in for remedial help!
  • You are always a bit cautious around tight parking spaces. After all you do drive a small economy car but it is only two doors and those doors are significantly bigger and tend to bang other vehicles... Or you just park farther away.
  • You are wearing your cute boots that extend a bit farther than your feet so you can have comfortable fashion. You can't get the washroom door open because you keep on pushing the door against your shoes.
  • Or... you're playing Wii for the first time and get smashed in boxing, baseball and bowling. Finally one of the players starts showing you how to do it... a kind hearted four year old.

I'm sure that you've all had these issues at one time or another, right? Oh, did I mention that I was playing against a four year old and a seven year old at my Wii escapade?


Bargainista said...

Had a good laugh about trying to open the washroom door. Love it!

If you want to feel really great about your wii skills, you can play w. me. i am twice your age and do not do well with anything that might be electronically related. You Win (by a long shot!)

happygeek said...

Yeah, don't play my mom. So far she has beaten all comers. Go figure. As for the parking thing, I totally hear you!

happygeek said...

I just got thinking, you know what they need after a full day of sweatshop (oops sorry, crafting) at Camp Rainbow? A wii tournament!

MomOfTheCrazies said...

"A Wii tournament at Camp Rainbow." Hahahaha. Happygeek, you're too funny!

I understand the parking thing too. When we had the hatchback I had the worst time parking in small spaces (maybe the fact it was standard had something to do with it too!)

dawn224 said...

oh, these could all be me. :)

Bargainista said...

A wii tournament!!! At Camp W. It just may happen! i think all the aunties check out this blog as well as happygeek's.
Think i may need to start practising if your mom has beaten all comers.