Monday, March 31, 2008

Signs that you might not be cool!

I've had a few times this past weekend that have highlighted the fact that I am not the coolest. Here are some of the not-so-gentle reminders:
  • Went to see 21 on Friday night. I realized that most people there were under 18. The movie was sold out. So I (and my friend) went to Chapters instead.
  • Since I couldn't see 21, I will be going to see it this afternoon @ a matinee.
  • I got all excited about starting to get through my knitting project. However, I'm worried that I will run out of the special bamboo yarn before I'm done. I dreamt about running out of it last night.
  • Hit a special sale for a sweater. However, it is in the dreaming phase right now.
I don't know what's worse... the fact that I've arrived here or that I really don't care.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring is in the air!

Spring is in the air! You can tell by the following signs:

  • Pussy willows at my auntie and uncle's this past weekend (or sold for $20/bunch at the florists!)
  • Tulips @ the grocery store-it might be worth the $4 splurge
  • Kids riding their bicycles-and me thinking that I should join them
  • People talking to one another on the street and smiling at one another
  • Knittinchick getting jealous of all the kids throwing rocks on the partially frozen creek and them going on little adventures so she decided to go on her adventure. This was found by Knittinchick kicking tree stumps, throwing twigs against trees and many rocks into the rapidly flowing river.

You should try the last one... it's great fun:-)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Prize day!

So... today I was invited into a brainstorming meeting about how we communicate certain values of the organization. This group meets regularly and I thought that I'd amaze them with all the stickies (aka post-its) on the flip chart with all my fabulous ideas. Although I was able to generate the most ideas, I also received the most Fig Newtons (the prize for bad ideas... maybe to get them flushed out of your system) instead of Oreos (the prize for good ideas). Is there a hidden message here? Don't worry I snuck myself an Oreo when no one was looking....

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A love letter

To my dear central vac system-You are a fabulous part of my home. You faithfully clean my floors even when there has been disastrous baking incidents, bits of yarn from the latest project or lots of family over at my home. I appreciate you. I just want you to know that I will never forget to check the filter bag again as you taught me a lesson last night. The way dirt, dust and other debris flew out at me when I checked you last night fixed my little wagon... The extra detergent that I will put in with my yoga pants and hoodie will remind me to never forget you again. Faithfully, Knittinchick

Monday, March 24, 2008

My grateful list

For those of you who know me, you know that this past weekend was a bit of a personal hurdle. Last spring the plan was to get married on Easter Saturday. But, life intervened and the plan changed. Add to that clawing my way out of personal burnout. The lessons are good things... but painful nonetheless. This past fall and winter has been such a journey of healing and this weekend was my last big significant hurdle. On Sunday, I was sitting in church with my aunt and uncle and I was overwhelmed by gratitude. I thought that I'd share my grateful list with you (they aren't all uber-deep):

  1. My new friends. I have learned who my good friends are... they didn't mind being around me when I couldn't stop crying.
  2. My family... they faithfully read my blog, let me be Auntie Knittinchick even though I'm just a cousin and let me just be me.
  3. My personal faith... I wouldn't have made it through without it. It's amazing how the dark seasons make it so much deeper.
  4. Knitting... Seriously, this has saved me thousands in therapy!!! When my concentration was shot and I couldn't read (a recipe was a challenge...), I could knit a sock or an afghan or a sweater (as I was getting better... this required reading a pattern!).
  5. Chocolate-the darker the better. It's incredible how a little square of that can make the world look lots better and there is always new research coming out about how it is good for you.
  6. Flannel jammies-a winter evening in a warm house when you are exhausted is only made better by a bowl of soup from your slow cooker while you're wearing flannel pjs.
  7. Being saved from a marriage that would have been a disaster. Big picture... being single is blissfully peaceful in comparison to a bad marriage-and in my work I see a lot of those.
  8. Laughter-even on the darkest days, I was looking for good laughs. I avoided artistic, broody movies and chose the funny ones that would help me see light in dark days.
  9. Springtime. This year I have been craving the longer days (thank you Daylight savings) and the ability to walk, run (lol) and bike after work so I'm not worried about safety.
  10. All my bloggy friends... you read my blog even when I struggle with html (who wants to learn that system?) and even post sometimes. You're awesome...

Have fun on your Monday. This is one of the first Mondays off that I have had energy so I'm going to pull out spring clothes, knit some Make Believe Crowns for the nieces and nephews that I'll get to see in the next few weeks. Have a great day!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What the world needs now

Yesterday was one of those meeting filled, running around the city sort of days. So... I had an hour between all the work responsibilities and my adult education class (no this isn't a special needs class!) I needed dinner and decided to grab a bite in a nearby Chili's restaurant and sat in the bar (more friendly for a solo party) At 5:00, the quietness of the bar changed immediately and a hockey game was turned on. No problems... but the noise level significantly lifted. I had some other ideas of things that they could turn on in a bar to attract a more female audience:

  1. HGTV-Home decoration, home fixer-uppers and your female audience would be there. However, when Mike Holmes comes on there might be a risk of a more male audience.
  2. Knitty Gritty-Fun, hip Vickie Howell would attract a fun martini lovin' young knitting crowd. Although there might be a need for wet wipes for these knitters to keep their hands clean during the evening so they could knit.
  3. Food Network-Following the life of famous chefs would be fun for women to compare notes. Except for when the shows come on about additives in food or dirty failing restaurants. Might not be the best for business.

On second thought, I think that I'll stick with my career instead of going into marketing!

Monday, March 17, 2008

My name is Knittinchick...

Hi! My name is Knittinchick and I might have a problem... At least I don't hide it! As I was sitting on my couch last evening and had this revelation: Admitting it is such a good thing! Case in point:
Chair across the room:
Coffee table:
And there is the final artfully arranged yarn and wool. What you don't notice is that this ottoman is filled with ziploc bags full of Christmas gifts inspiration!

At least I'm starting to have success of the Pinwheel Sweater that is a baby gift for a ten month old and for me as well!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Getting ready for Easter

Isn't it wild how early Easter is coming this year? A little bit of trivia for you: I don't think that it will ever be this early again. I have come up with some fabulous ideas to keep your Easter easy...

  1. If you are like me and are crazy like I was last year this year I invited myself to my auntie and uncle's place and had twenty people coming over after working all Easter morning, I had to be organized. Bring in the beloved slow cooker. (This year I have two so I'd use both...) Make your stuffing in there. I cut all the bread the night before and had it sitting on the counter and then just throw in the liquid in the next morning. Plug in and then take everyone's compliments.
  2. Be like the lady at the LYS who is giving her kids gift cards instead of chocolate. Less cavities, hyperactivity and running around.
  3. Use your Swiffer wet mop refills to clean your car... it cleans it up so nicely and your car smells so pretty.
  4. Take time to enjoy the view and knit a bit on your Pinwheel Sweater.

Have a great Easter! It should be nice and taste of spring-y!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Measure twice, cut once

You've heard good planners and probably any DIYer say, "Measure twice, cut once." I've decided this can apply to other areas of your life such as being a good friend and picking up stuff for a coworker @ Costco.

Case in point: yesterday, a coworker asked me to pick her up a Blackberry when I went there. She asked if I'd have the money and I reassured her that it is not after the 15th of the month so I could pick it up for her. My inside voice was saying, "Don't you want to buy that yourself? That's a pretty big purchase?" She said that she thought maybe she had the cash for it in her purse and pulled out a $10 bill. Now my inside voice was wondering how to gently break it to her that you can't purchase a Blackberry for $10.
When I asked for clarification, she wanted blackberries-you know, the fruit. Two packages for $7.98 and we're happy. Again, measure twice, cut once! It tends to be a bit cheaper.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Enjoying the river

I have had this tendency to run through life and try to multi-task which got me into some serious trouble... ie) serious burnout. As I am getting better, I have moments where I forget my lessons but yesterday was a good reminder. As I was rushing to my next appointment, I was rushing by a frozen river that is starting to melt and I sensed that it was time to stop and Enjoy the River. So I slowed down and was astounded by the beauty of spring. Make sure you take time today to enjoy the river!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

At the car wash!

I think that there's a song about "At the car wash!" but I was inspired by my last trip to the car wash. Here in Alberta, it is starting to show signs of Spring. Woo hoo! Although I am not delusional to think that there will be no more snow, I am LOVING the respite in the midst of it. However, this requires a trip to the local car wash... where I gleaned some wisdom that I'm going to share with you.

  1. Don't go to the car wash on Friday afternoon around 3:00 when there is an open house of one of the businesses next door. People will park in lanes of moving traffic and you will almost play bumper cars with a parked car.
  2. A car wash is busy when it is springy outside on a Friday afternoon... everyone else has noticed the great weather as well.
  3. While waiting to enter the car wash, you can observe people. They do unique things while they think that you aren't looking. Think again folks, Knittinchick is watching you!
  4. There is the guy who probably is OCD... he keeps on wiping his dashboard for the full fifteen minutes that you are waiting. Don't worry Mister, you've already got it clean!
  5. Mr. Picking-my-Nose should figure out a way to be less in-your-face about his habit. Everyone can see you!
  6. Mrs. Soccer Mom should not choose this as a time to empty her minivan's trunk. She is frantically cleaning and sorting, running over to the garbage can and then jumping into her van to move it forward. And I thought I had multi-tasking issues!
  7. and my personal favorite: The construction guys that left their loader parked for a joint break should remember to put the brake on it... those babies can move at quite the pace towards a very expensive parked truck-probably their boss' by the way they were running after it to stop it just in time before it would have made a spectacular crash.

On second thought, I think that my car might need a loonie rinse today... I could use the cheap entertainment.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Springing forward?

This spring forward thing is something that I am so happy for... in a few days. It reminds me of when I was an intern and I had a huge responsibility on Sunday morning. I was so eager to impress everyone as I was so green behind the ears (did I mention that I'm learning not to be a people pleaser?)... that I thought that I'd show up a half hour early. I got to work and was expecting to find the best parking spot but I had to park over a block away. You'd think I'd clue in at this point... So I diligently walked into work and came in and the place was quiet but full! As I was about to go into my responsibilities, some kind custodian looked at me and started killing himself laughing... "Knittinchick forgot time change! Knittinchick forgot time change! Good thing you have blond roots." I went down in folklore as the one who let Spring Forward get away... So I've had some well placed paranoia about it since then. Shows that there is a reason for so many depracating jokes about people who come from Saskatchewan!!! side note: no recipes this week or simplifying ideas. I was at a work retreat offsitie so no cooking happened!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Suburbia Reflections

As a single chick living in the suburbs, I have special insight into some of the signs that you might be living in suburbia. Here are a few from my special sociological persective. You know you might be living in suburbia when:

  • There is a proliferation of Lululemon pants in comparison to say, office suits.
  • When the new neighbors move in and are playing their loud music the first night in a thank you party of sorts to all their friends who helped them move at an unreasonable hour such as 10:30 on a Friday night.... you start praying that they'll get pregnant soon and join the other lovely quiet neighbors that you have.
  • The number of wagons and jogging strollers outweighs the number of tax paying adults.
  • You know your neighbors names and like them and are 'concerned' when one of them is moving about who will replace them.
  • When an unfamiliar dog is wandering around the neighborhood, you and a neighbor try to be friendly so you can call the neighbors before the pound comes out.
  • A Friday night lineup is not in front of a club but rather at the local Blockbuster for people to rent their dvds for the weekend.
  • At the local coffee shop, you hear words like, "Home equity," "Landscape our yard this summer," "My commute is an hour long!" or my personal favorite, "My husband/partner just doesn't understand me!"

If you need to hire anyone else to do sociological research in your neighborhood, you might want to give me a holler! I promise that I'll come up with more fabulous thoughts!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Election lessons

So today I worked at the polls in my neighborhood. We were overstaffed for the numbers of people showing up in our polls for most of the day and it was rather cramped. When you have been in this environment for a long time, you notice the following:

    • The lady who counts, folds and initials all of her potential ballots minutes before closely (we're talking 100s!) when it is obvious no one more than maybe 10 people will end up showing up causes you to question things. Why is she doing that?
    • If I wouldn't have had my knitting with me, I would have pestered everyone in the room into sharing their most embarassing moments.
    • You get the giggles over the craziest things.
    • You can understand bedsores... your butt, legs and back are so sore from just sitting and not being able to move... over-glamorized closet that we were in.
    • You can get a whole sock almost knit in this amount of time! Everyone will suddenly become intrigued by the magic of turning a heel... maybe they were bored but who knows? (I actually think that they were jealous of me...)

I did swear an oath of secrecy but I can tell you that the Green Party isn't getting in anytime soon!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Weekend Wonders!

Let's all say it together. Weekends Rock! Let's keep it simple so we can enjoy them by:

  1. Making Roast Chicken in our beloved crock pots. Put a fryer or roaster chicken (based on the number of mouths and/or desire for leftovers), season with salt and pepper and turn on low for 6-8 hours. To make it gourmet: quarter an orange and stick in chicken's cavity with garlic and dried rosemary. Thirty minutes before serving, cover with 1/2 cup of orange marmalade and 1 TBSP rosemary. Yum-ola!
  2. Be kind to ourselves by making our housecleaning easier by tackling hot spots for 15 minutes a day.
  3. Start piling up all the tax return stuff in a special place as it all comes available so tax return season isn't so stressful!

Enjoy your weekends... take time for something that renews you... like hanging out with your aunt and uncle along with knitting furiously on your colourwork finished up for next class!