Monday, March 3, 2008

Election lessons

So today I worked at the polls in my neighborhood. We were overstaffed for the numbers of people showing up in our polls for most of the day and it was rather cramped. When you have been in this environment for a long time, you notice the following:

    • The lady who counts, folds and initials all of her potential ballots minutes before closely (we're talking 100s!) when it is obvious no one more than maybe 10 people will end up showing up causes you to question things. Why is she doing that?
    • If I wouldn't have had my knitting with me, I would have pestered everyone in the room into sharing their most embarassing moments.
    • You get the giggles over the craziest things.
    • You can understand bedsores... your butt, legs and back are so sore from just sitting and not being able to move... over-glamorized closet that we were in.
    • You can get a whole sock almost knit in this amount of time! Everyone will suddenly become intrigued by the magic of turning a heel... maybe they were bored but who knows? (I actually think that they were jealous of me...)

I did swear an oath of secrecy but I can tell you that the Green Party isn't getting in anytime soon!


MomOfTheCrazies said...

I'm jealous of you knitting socks! You're going to have to teach me!!

Bargainista said...

Was thinking of you yesterday, being confined to one spot for all day. Glad you survived!