Monday, March 17, 2008

My name is Knittinchick...

Hi! My name is Knittinchick and I might have a problem... At least I don't hide it! As I was sitting on my couch last evening and had this revelation: Admitting it is such a good thing! Case in point:
Chair across the room:
Coffee table:
And there is the final artfully arranged yarn and wool. What you don't notice is that this ottoman is filled with ziploc bags full of Christmas gifts inspiration!

At least I'm starting to have success of the Pinwheel Sweater that is a baby gift for a ten month old and for me as well!


happygeek said...

LOVE the pinwheel sweater!
That's a lot of wool chickie!

Jocelyn said...

Try an image google "Yarn Stash". You don't have a problem. :)

Jocelyn said...

seriously, check this out:

Bargainista said...

Absolutely LOVE the projects that you have done for me. Can hardly wait to wear the mauve sleeveless top from bamboo yarn you knit. i was thinking i could maybe wear it overtop a longsleeve top for Easter.