Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What the world needs now

Yesterday was one of those meeting filled, running around the city sort of days. So... I had an hour between all the work responsibilities and my adult education class (no this isn't a special needs class!) I needed dinner and decided to grab a bite in a nearby Chili's restaurant and sat in the bar (more friendly for a solo party) At 5:00, the quietness of the bar changed immediately and a hockey game was turned on. No problems... but the noise level significantly lifted. I had some other ideas of things that they could turn on in a bar to attract a more female audience:

  1. HGTV-Home decoration, home fixer-uppers and your female audience would be there. However, when Mike Holmes comes on there might be a risk of a more male audience.
  2. Knitty Gritty-Fun, hip Vickie Howell would attract a fun martini lovin' young knitting crowd. Although there might be a need for wet wipes for these knitters to keep their hands clean during the evening so they could knit.
  3. Food Network-Following the life of famous chefs would be fun for women to compare notes. Except for when the shows come on about additives in food or dirty failing restaurants. Might not be the best for business.

On second thought, I think that I'll stick with my career instead of going into marketing!


happygeek said...

HGTV in a bar.
Yeah, but it's nice to dream eh?

Shannon said...

I'd much prefer HGTV to ESPN in a bar. That's a great idea! :)

MomOfTheCrazies said...

I love channels like HGTV and TLC. Great idea to put them in the bar!

Have a good Easter!

Uncle Norm said...
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