Wednesday, March 12, 2008

At the car wash!

I think that there's a song about "At the car wash!" but I was inspired by my last trip to the car wash. Here in Alberta, it is starting to show signs of Spring. Woo hoo! Although I am not delusional to think that there will be no more snow, I am LOVING the respite in the midst of it. However, this requires a trip to the local car wash... where I gleaned some wisdom that I'm going to share with you.

  1. Don't go to the car wash on Friday afternoon around 3:00 when there is an open house of one of the businesses next door. People will park in lanes of moving traffic and you will almost play bumper cars with a parked car.
  2. A car wash is busy when it is springy outside on a Friday afternoon... everyone else has noticed the great weather as well.
  3. While waiting to enter the car wash, you can observe people. They do unique things while they think that you aren't looking. Think again folks, Knittinchick is watching you!
  4. There is the guy who probably is OCD... he keeps on wiping his dashboard for the full fifteen minutes that you are waiting. Don't worry Mister, you've already got it clean!
  5. Mr. Picking-my-Nose should figure out a way to be less in-your-face about his habit. Everyone can see you!
  6. Mrs. Soccer Mom should not choose this as a time to empty her minivan's trunk. She is frantically cleaning and sorting, running over to the garbage can and then jumping into her van to move it forward. And I thought I had multi-tasking issues!
  7. and my personal favorite: The construction guys that left their loader parked for a joint break should remember to put the brake on it... those babies can move at quite the pace towards a very expensive parked truck-probably their boss' by the way they were running after it to stop it just in time before it would have made a spectacular crash.

On second thought, I think that my car might need a loonie rinse today... I could use the cheap entertainment.


happygeek said...

That crash would have been pretty funny. It's nice to get entertainment where you can eh?

Bargainista said...

Thanks for the entertainment!
i did think that you would give Soccer Mom a run for her money in the multi-tasking dept.
My favorite was #7 though, i could just see them in their panic run.

MomOfTheCrazies said...

I'm busy catching up on my blog-reading. We got home from the in-law's today and we seriously can only see the top foot of our back fence. There is that much snow. I did get to see some grass on our trip. I'd forgotten what it looked like!