Friday, March 7, 2008

Suburbia Reflections

As a single chick living in the suburbs, I have special insight into some of the signs that you might be living in suburbia. Here are a few from my special sociological persective. You know you might be living in suburbia when:

  • There is a proliferation of Lululemon pants in comparison to say, office suits.
  • When the new neighbors move in and are playing their loud music the first night in a thank you party of sorts to all their friends who helped them move at an unreasonable hour such as 10:30 on a Friday night.... you start praying that they'll get pregnant soon and join the other lovely quiet neighbors that you have.
  • The number of wagons and jogging strollers outweighs the number of tax paying adults.
  • You know your neighbors names and like them and are 'concerned' when one of them is moving about who will replace them.
  • When an unfamiliar dog is wandering around the neighborhood, you and a neighbor try to be friendly so you can call the neighbors before the pound comes out.
  • A Friday night lineup is not in front of a club but rather at the local Blockbuster for people to rent their dvds for the weekend.
  • At the local coffee shop, you hear words like, "Home equity," "Landscape our yard this summer," "My commute is an hour long!" or my personal favorite, "My husband/partner just doesn't understand me!"

If you need to hire anyone else to do sociological research in your neighborhood, you might want to give me a holler! I promise that I'll come up with more fabulous thoughts!


tallmom said...

too funny! I sure enjoy reading all your posts! they give we happyness in my day. keep up the great writing,i can always use happyness.

Bargainista said...

Now i know what Lululemon pants are! And i even have a couple of pairs in my closet.

Have a good wkd. and i hope your neighbors are too tired out from the move to party all wkd.

happygeek said...

I LOVE me some suburbia!

Jocelyn said...

hehe! Um. No thanks. :)

I hope I'll see you soon, chickie! I'm making it a personal goal to lure you out of suburbia for some knitting fun!