Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring is in the air!

Spring is in the air! You can tell by the following signs:

  • Pussy willows at my auntie and uncle's this past weekend (or sold for $20/bunch at the florists!)
  • Tulips @ the grocery store-it might be worth the $4 splurge
  • Kids riding their bicycles-and me thinking that I should join them
  • People talking to one another on the street and smiling at one another
  • Knittinchick getting jealous of all the kids throwing rocks on the partially frozen creek and them going on little adventures so she decided to go on her adventure. This was found by Knittinchick kicking tree stumps, throwing twigs against trees and many rocks into the rapidly flowing river.

You should try the last one... it's great fun:-)


Bargainista said...

Yes! Spring IS in the air! i love it, i love it! The spring flowers, the kids on bikes.
i love watching moms out w. their preschoolers and the kids splashing in the huge puddles. It brings back good memories.
Another almost sacred ritual for me, that announces spring is -roaming over the river bank hills and collecting a bouquet of crocuses.

MomOfTheCrazies said...

Spring is in the air? I think it's time to move back to your end of the country. Crazy #1 is confused because her teacher told her that it's spring however we still have 12 feet of snow.

Maybe I'll go buy a cute pair of rubber boots to put me in a spring frame of mind.

tallmom said...

yeah for spring!!!! i love it so much it makes me feel so fresh and renewed!