Sunday, March 9, 2008

Springing forward?

This spring forward thing is something that I am so happy for... in a few days. It reminds me of when I was an intern and I had a huge responsibility on Sunday morning. I was so eager to impress everyone as I was so green behind the ears (did I mention that I'm learning not to be a people pleaser?)... that I thought that I'd show up a half hour early. I got to work and was expecting to find the best parking spot but I had to park over a block away. You'd think I'd clue in at this point... So I diligently walked into work and came in and the place was quiet but full! As I was about to go into my responsibilities, some kind custodian looked at me and started killing himself laughing... "Knittinchick forgot time change! Knittinchick forgot time change! Good thing you have blond roots." I went down in folklore as the one who let Spring Forward get away... So I've had some well placed paranoia about it since then. Shows that there is a reason for so many depracating jokes about people who come from Saskatchewan!!! side note: no recipes this week or simplifying ideas. I was at a work retreat offsitie so no cooking happened!

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Bargainista said...

Glad for an earlier time change this yr.for everyone 'cept us here in Saskatchewan. Now i don't have to be so careful about phoning family in AB, and B.C.

Would love to share my pumpkin spice trifle w. you. i have enough to feed the 5,000. i was trying out a new recipe and it serves alot more than i thought. Have invited in everyone i can think of. You and the blog gang are invited too. And No it wasn't prepared in the slow cooker.