Thursday, February 21, 2008

Have you ever noticed?

Yesterday I was thinking about the things that I notice (maybe others don't but I do... who knows, maybe I'm gifted?)

  • When you wear a warm sweater with a tank top underneath it that is just for personal eyes only, the room gets extremely warm in a meeting full of men.
  • When you wear a cooler outfit based on the previous day's experience, all you think about is knitting a pair of the ever popular Fetching-must be for cold offices.
  • It's good not to send out a staff wide email to everyone about a very important deadline this week and then post the deadline as April 22!!!
  • Before starting the work toaster oven with your favorite Baked Mushroom Soup for 55 minutes and getting pulled into a conversation with a 'dynamic' individual on the phone... it's always good to remove the tupperware lid that was sitting on top of the toaster oven before having someone discover it 20 minutes later.
  • Before seeing one of your friends that you were teasing about wierd socks the other day, you probably shouldn't be wearing your running socks with a nice outfit.

I'm sure that you've noticed this happening to other people as well... thank you for not pointing and staring when you saw me processing these thoughts!


Bargainista said...

Those Fetchings look like they would qualfy as a quick boost to your enteries in that Knitting ccmpetition where you have to knit as many items as possible by a certain deadline.
How are you doing on that contest?

MomOfTheCrazies said...

Love the Fetchings. You have all sorts of creative knitting patterns.

Always SO SAD to lose a piece of Tupperware.