Thursday, February 14, 2008

Inspirational? Gifts

So... the holidays always bring out the holiday entrepeneurs who are happy to peddle their ideas that keep them up at night. Today's V-day is brought to you by:

  1. Yes Dear Mug. This mug might be for the significant other that says this but you doubt the authenticity of their claims.
  2. The fart machine. Obviously invented by a man!
  3. Desktop Dodgeball. So you can insure that your sweetie wastes lots of time at work.
  4. Knock 'em dead documents. So your sweetie can look important in meetings (I got a laugh from these).
  5. Heartbreaker. For the low price of $2600, you can have a titanium hammer and heart to wear around your neck.

Hmm... I think that I could become an entrepeneur. I have lots of stupid ideas... now I just need to sell them to others.


Bargainista said...

You could do alot better than those ideas. i am commissioning you to start now for new Valentine Inspirational gifts for 2009! You can do it! You could pay off your home in 2009 with the profit from sales.
Think about it Knittinchick.

happygeek said...

Where did you find these things? I really like the mug. I need one of those. I wonder if they come in sippy cups as well?