Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Snow days

You know that it's been snowing lots when:

  1. It takes you 45 minutes to drive your morning commute of 7 minutes (light traffic) or 12 minutes (heavy traffic).
  2. You don't have power at work for two hours due to heavy snow burning out transformers.
  3. You actually feeling your arm muscles after shovelling your walk and two of your neighbor's walks (why did I choose today to be neighborly?)
  4. You're relieved that you don't have to wash your dirty car b/c well, the snow took care of it.
  5. You have a newly installed security system-you can see exactly who came up to your house and how far the flyer boy walked up your sidewalk.
  6. You find it hard to be happy for your two coworkers who are in Vegas and Hawaii and accidentally forget to include them in your all staff email!
  7. The most important thing: you're excited about baking some banana bread to make your home all warm and cozy!


happygeek said...

But at least it's pretty:(.
Yea, when my dad mentioned that they were planning to spend the day by the pool, I no longer felt guilty for only gifting them with 2 grandchildren!

Bargainista said...

Love the way the snow has brought things to a halt here in Sask. it means that i was able to get in to see my doctor (i thought the app't was yest. and missed it), b/c of all the cancelations they've had. Beats waiting 3 wks. which is the usual wait to have a prescription renewed!

MomOfTheCrazies said...

We've had a TON of snow here, but at least our temperatures aren't quite as cold as you. Hope you stay warm!