Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Musings

Before you all get jealous of me having Mondays off when you are trudging off to work or facing another long winter day with your preschoolers as Daddy goes off to work, I thought that I'd let you into all the wisdom (wink, wink) about life that I've learned with my wierd hours:

  1. Having Mondays off rocks except for when you're going to work on Saturday afternoons and Sunday morning.
  2. If you want to call a customer service agent before work, this works except for Sunday mornings. They are in bed... like everyone else.
  3. There are perks to wierd hours: the SB drive through is not very busy before 8:oo on Sunday mornings, the bank drive through is abandoned and you don't fight rush hour traffic.
  4. You realize who has wierd hours like you. This is sometimes not the greatest realization, like when your neighbors who are paying down copious amounts of consumer debt fast (good for you!) by tending bar on the weekends come home @ 4:00am and their three small dogs start greeting them by several yapping episodes.
  5. Monday mornings are a good time to run errands. Most people are at work and the lineups are significantly smaller. However, if you're so bagged from your weekend responsibilities and cannot get out of bed until later in the morning, this is kind of lost on you.
  6. Social events happen on Saturday nights way more than Friday nights. Trust me on this... I've become the "Why don't I make a fabulous entrance or exit?" person at several close friends and family events. You learn to make it look fun but really the extrovert in you is dying to know what you're missing out on when you leave.
  7. The most important part: the grass is only greener where there is more water and care for it. I'm going to enjoy my Monday with some knitting time, a walk and dinner that's already in the crock pot.

Have a great Monday. This Monday is brought to you by Knittinchick's ADD moments of knitting this past weekend. (Note to you: they might become birthday gifts so act surprised if you're the lucky recipient!)


Bargainista said...

Enjoy your day off. i like the looks of your latest project, and would love to act surprised. But i already know what i'm getting from you for my birthday, and i can't wait for it to arrive. Sure glad that you took up knitting!

MomOfTheCrazies said...

I can't believe all the cool things you knit! I can hardly wait to live closer and you can start giving me knitting tutorials!

You inspired me to make my Sunday lunch in the crockpot.

Hope you had a great day off!

tallmom said...

I think mondays off would be great but having to work sat afternoon would kinda stink. any way we will stop by your place on day i am sure! by the way what does PM me mean?? the things you knitted look cute! I did learn to knit once but i am not sure if i could remeber but i can crochet sort of