Friday, February 29, 2008

Helpful Abbreviations

At work, my boss is a very funny guy and tends to abbreviate all sorts of things so soon my coworkers and I are talking in shorthand in a way that would junior highers to shame. I was looking for a list of text message abbreviations and found these ones helpful. There are some that I laughed out loud but couldn't use in my work and then there were others that were a serious case of Potty Mouth.... my eyes bugged out of my head for a few minutes!

  • TBE-thick between the ears. I think that this is something that I'll have to refer to myself as soon!
  • TNA-temporarily not available. This would be something that would flow out of the TBE.
  • UPOD-under promise over deliver. I like to do this!
  • BCOZ-because.
  • IAM-I am tired. Story of my life.
  • P2C2E-process too complicated to explain. Most of life!
  • PB-potty break not peanut butter.
  • SBTA-sorry being thick again. Story of my life.

So... here's a recap of my day. SBTA, I M TBE & TNA BCOZ IAM. SBTA IAM on P2C2E. PB time. Basically, I'm happy it's Friday, I'm tired and a bit blond right now! Bring on hometime:-)


Bargainista said...

Abbreviations are great as long as they don't exceed 3 letters. Maybe it's just that my head's cluttered!

Gotta' love our days off eh!
Hope that you can relax and take it easy and get some rest.

tallmom said...

Its good to now what PM means now! I t was one of my guesses. So i guess i could do this via email. those are some silly abbreviations! i think it would be easier to say the whole phrase in case some one doesnt know what it means! then you just said the the abbreviation and then you would have to say the whole phrase which would just take up more time in the long run!

MomOfTheCrazies said...

You should see how many abbreviations the military has. When I first starting working for them, I kept a list so I would have a clue what people were talking about. But now it's old hat and I interpret when hubby talks to non-military people.