Monday, February 11, 2008

Knittinchick's Believe it or Not!

Sometimes truth is really stranger than fiction. Case in point: This past weekend, I heard a true story of a guy who built a casket for his grandmother's funeral and was driving to pick up the body with this casket strapped to the top of the van. He came across an accident and is an EMT so he pulled over to help. Can you imagine what was in those people's minds when someone pulls up with a casket? After arriving to where the grandmother's body was, another uncle took over and had the casket in the back of his suburban. He got caught behind an avalanche and was delayed by several hours. They almost didn't make it in time for the service. Just goes to show that you can be late for your own funeral!

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Bargainista said...

In the paraphrased words of my girlfriend who is also a funeral director, "That's why there are professionals to handle those 'details'."