Thursday, February 7, 2008

Why you should be a knitter!

I'm sure that you all want to be more like me but here are a few reasons that you should be a knitter.

  1. I went to a continental knitting class last night and met some new people and the girl who sat beside me was uber cool. We hit it off and she's going to drop by my knitting group on Tuesday on the way to her knitting group... two doors down.
  2. I have cool things to do while you are watching tv, cleaning your house, talking on the phone or being productive.
  3. There are pretty yarns and fibers that you can touch. If you are tactile, this is a nice feeling to have.
  4. You make new friends and you can talk about all sorts of things together before you even realize whether you have anything in common.
  5. You can take your knitting to work on the weekends when you have to be available for those that might be in crisis. Since I am unable to do computer, phone or networking work during the quieter times, I pull out my traveling sock. People feel free to come and talk to you and will pour out their hearts because you are so non-threatening. Those that know you better tend to harass you but it's always worth a laugh or two!
  6. If you are a reader and knitter, you can listen to an audiobook while knitting. If you are just a reader, all you get done is reading.
  7. TV will be transformed for you. You can justify it as productive time as you'll be knitting on next year's Christmas list anyways.
  8. The world always looks better after you've knit a few rows. You can realize that sometimes the best things in life require you to slow down.
  9. You can wear fashions that are totally unique and no one else in your office can figure out where you purchased it.
  10. The most important reason: you can be more like me! Crazed about something totally harmless and you'll give some of the best baby gifts.

Off I go to the non-knitting world with my message of knitting goodwill!


Bargainista said...

You almost convince me, BUT i just love getting those neat knitted gifts from you and that would probabely stop if i started knitting.
On second thought, i'm going to stick with my creative hobbies and let you knit for me!

MomOfTheCrazies said...

I agree with you about the whole tactile thing. I can't look at something without touching it. Maybe that's why the Crazies touch everything in every store - it's genetic!

Will you teach me to knit socks?