Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Spring is in the air?

I don't know about you but when it gets warmer outside (even for a mid-winter break), I get all excited. Here's what I'm thinking about these days:

  • Knitting a sweater for my mom for her birthday and mother's day. But the magazine and the yarn I ordered aren't here yet. I guess I'll just have to dream about it.
  • Knitting a sweater for myself. The pattern and yarn are here so alas, I must be selfish and knit for myself.
  • Knitting for the three babies that are coming soon. Must get done before the baby shower so I can deliver them ahead of time and be busy 'organizing my sock drawer' the day of the shower... women swapping death grip delivery stories... now that's a fun way to spend an evening.
  • Pulling my bike out of the basement (inspired by someone else who was smiling and biking). I didn't think about the fact that he was covered in slush and I don't like biking when I'm cold.
  • Spring cleaning-bwaah, hah, hah. And you thought that I actually was smoking dope there, didn't you?
  • Vacation plans let's be honest, I think about those all year long.

However, it looks like it will get colder at the end of the week. I'm going to pull out my slow cooker again, try a new recipe to dazzle you with at the weekend, enjoy my Family Day today (since Monday is my regular day off) and knit on my sweater for myself. I guess some things are never different-cold weather or warmer weather!


Bargainista said...

What a great way to spend Family day!
i am getting excited about the one you will knit for me. Mother's Day and my birthday can't come fast enough...just as long as the yarn and pattern arrive first.
Have a good day!

Scattered Mom said...

I just popped your Starbucks card in the mail yesterday...enjoy!