Thursday, January 31, 2008

Childhood epidemic

You have to hate winter... when all those bugs such as the flu, colds, pink eye, chicken pox, hand and foot (nasty!) and the dreaded lice outbreak. When I worked in children's programming, I hated the days when a mom would call me to tell me that their child had gotten sick a few hours after programs with a contagious illness. side note: I appreciated the Mom calling me (hugely) but hated that other kidos would be getting sick soon. I have a coworker who has let me in on another epidemic that is spreading pretty quickly. I am glad that I'm out of children's programming now. You might want to watch to see if this is something that your child has gotten.


MomOfTheCrazies said...

Sorry I haven't commented in a while. I'm home now and will make a better effort! In regards to your previous post, I love the tilted duster. How long did it take you to knit? Was it hard? I think I need to make myself one. That is, once I've finished making a scarf for child #2. Child #1's scarf only took me two months to knit, so I should be finished the tilted duster in about 10 years.

So sorry I missed you on my trip. We will catch up next time. Stay warm!

Bargainista said...

Fortunately our family has escaped the 'epidemic', far...maybe our kids will have to deal with it with their kids. BUT i do remember being totally paranoid when i had to work with families who had it. i got the itch immediately and would strip as soon as i got home from work, throw all my clothes in the laundry (hot), and jump in the shower. i would even find tiny little dark 'things' in my hair when brushing and put them into little pill bottles and rush them off to the Public Health nurse in a panic. They always turned out to be lint from my bath towel, but you just never know! Maybe there's a reason why the PH nurse stopped answering my phone calls after giving me several pamphlets on identifying nits.

Jessica said...

Hello! This is Jessica McCash from "A Walk in my Shoes", and I wanted to let you know that even if you don't win the giveaway, I would love to make a tile for you! I charge $35.00 and that includes my supplies and labor. Let me know if you are ever interested.

Thanks again for stopping by! You are too sweet!