Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My library is the greatest!

I know that I have cheap moments but there are times when I really take it to the next level-high or low depending on your perspective. Case in point: I hate spending money on books, audio books, dvds or cds. Did you know that purchasing audiobooks usually costs about $30-$40? Hah! I spend $12/year on my library card (along with the ever-rising property owners' taxes) and get my books, audiobooks, dvds-you name it... for FREE! However, I had a day not too long ago when they had a sale at the library and did a 2-4-1 sale. And the books were $1 each!!! So... I pulled out all the stops and grabbed the toonie in my pocket and went shopping. Here's what I got: Went home and priced it out on and realized that I got $99 worth of books for a toonie. Oh and did I mention that I went all crazy and went back to the library and bought more? Don't worry, it didn't happen. I was so excited about getting some really great knitting books for baby stuff for all my friends who keep on getting pregnant (you know who you are...). So... I went to my stash of previously purchased yarn and did some shopping in there while dreaming/fantasizing/delusioning about the cool patterns that I could now do with my new books.

Eat your heart out big book box retailers. I am going back to my library for not only free borrowing but shopping!


Janet said...

OH no. A knitter AND related to "the geek". What are we going to do with you? LOL! Welcome to Blogville!

Alyson said...

Have you read adventures in babywearing blog? she knits too. you can find her link on my site.

thanks for coming aboard the crazy blogging train.

KnittinChick said...

Thanks for the warm welcome! I'll have to check out the babywearing blog... Maybe she'll inspire me to new heights or depths in my knitting craze.

Bargainista said...

How FUN!! i am very jealous but happy for you at the same time. Try living in a rural community, the only books that our library has on sale are really outdated,(not classics) and your friends would not thank you for those knitting projects...much less their kids.