Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Searching for supper?

I know that many of you are probably hitting that time of day when you are wondering what to cook for your hungry, appreciative and genuinely courageous children and spouses. Here's some creative ideas for you inspired by my trip to Africa this summer: Have them catch their own dinner. This little guy was pulling the nets on the Congo river and had the family's dinner and then tried to sell us some of it.

Get some potassium in their diet by purchasing something from a roadside seller (this is not me... I am more of the doing dishes afterwards than preparing the meal when traveling kind of gal!). Kind of like a produce stand but more like someone banging on your window trying to be more competitive than the other ten people with them. If you want to purchase kleenex, bread or gum, they offer those as well (at every street corner.)
Or the personal favorite, buy nature fresh viande sauvage (wild meat). This is taken by me in the van before the vendor moved closer to the window to show the meat. This anteater was still alive which was shown by it starting to have some bodily functions engage and slowly turning its head with its beady eyes to stare at me. I must admit that all my bravery and courage that I had shown took a break as I started shrieking at the little creature who was probably more scared than I was.
If you have boys, they'd probably appreciate this. All you do is chase these slow creatures up the tree, grab them by the tail and put them in boiling water to remove the scales and roast them. (the anteaters... not the boys! I am truly a child lover not hater.) Suddenly, your dinner looks all that much better, doesn't it?


MomOfTheCrazies said...

I cannot imagine the things you saw in Africa; it would be life changing. May we not take our life in North America for granted.

Bargainista said...

Did you get any new African recipes that you have added to your menus? Would love to hear of those.
Think i'll pass on the boiled anteater, but thanks!

MommyKnows said...

What a great experience. Did you go as a volunteer? Vacation?