Saturday, January 19, 2008

KISSing it!

For all of my family who got excited because you're so happily married and spending all your time kissing (because being married with toddlers in the house is commonly known as the most romantic season of your life-lol) or thinking that I've met Prince Charming... sorry! What I'm talking about is the KISS strategy... Keep it simple stupid! I used to think that I kept life simple but post-burnout I have taken this to a new level. I thought that I'd share a couple of my ideas for you to get to the level that I've taken it. You can determine whether I've taken it to a lower or higher level.

  1. Shopping bags. We all want to get more eco-friendly in not using plastic bags and having these litter up our homes but I have this challenge... remembering them. I have a few cloth bags and a couple bins but that would require me to be much more organized and I can remember them for the big monthly grocery store trip but little errands never get this level of planning. Enter this ingenious idea... canvas bags that fold up easily in a little carrying case and can be carried in your purse. I love these because I never forget them and they are strong. Happily purchased for $4/piece in a little store in Toronto. They are worth the expense as they don't cause you to discover not-so-glamorous parts of your personality when your big cloth bags drive you crazy.
  2. Crock pot meals. The other night (when I cooked my instructions) I made pulled pork sandwiches and they were fabulous. Want to hear how hard they were? Ok... hold on. Put two lbs of pork tenderloin in the bottom of your crock pot, pour one can of root beer over it, cook on low for six hours, drain and then pour a bottle of bbq sauce over it. I left it on warm for a bit longer while I made the salad. SO yummy. Might not be the authentic southern bbq but I live in Canada... no one knows the difference here.
  3. Feigned ignorance. This works wonders for staff potlucks, baby or bridal showers, New Year's Eve parties or whatever needs to have people bring yummies or goodies or downright difficult recipes. If people don't think that you can cook or bake, you'll get asked to bring chocolate sauce, the punch, crackers, a bag of chips or something Idiot proof. Trust me on this... people will put up with lots in order to avoid food poisoning. However, if you bring along something that requires skill once, your cover will be blown. I still have a few groups of people that I know that are in the dark... and they don't read this blog.

Keep your eyes peeled on this blog. I'll provide much more wisdom on keeping your life simple that will inspire you to sink to the lower depths that I have sunk to!


MomOfTheCrazies said...

I am SO stealing your recipe. What a great idea! (I'll use A&W Root Beer because it's caffeine free and my kids just don't need anything else to keep them from going to bed!)

happygeek said...

Feigned ignorance is bliss!

tallmom said...

What a great recipe i am for sure going to have to try it!!!

Bargainista said...

Thanks for the recipe, i am going to try it out at my work place. i am putting my order in for a couple of those shopping bags for my birthday gift b/c i've seen yours and think they are so wonderful (to fit in your purse)...and i don't have any Toronto connections to get them through.