Saturday, January 26, 2008


Saturdays and Sundays are all about keeping it simple, right? So... I've decided that I will be sharing my ideas with you about keeping Simple, Stressless Saturdays and Sundays-S4! This weekend brings you:

  1. Beef Dip. Pull out your slow cooker, put in a 3-4 pound chuck roast (cheap is good here!), put two cans of consumme, 1/2 cup of water and soy sauce along with a bit of crushed garlic, 1 tsp rosemary and thyme and some pepper. Turn on low for 12 hours. Pull the beef out and pull apart (it basically does this by looking at it), put out some buns and small bowls for dipping and a simple salad. Trust me... everyone loves it and you are not stressed!
  2. Buying ahead. Hit the stores that have all their toys on sale right now. You will almost be paid for taking it off their hands (after all this is still from Christmas) and you'll have great little games for baby showers, kids' birthdays and for being the Best Auntie Ever! Case in point: little gifts for Tenderheart Niece and Mischief Magic Niece as well. $1.44 each.

Christmas flannel jammies are all on sale too. Why not pick up a couple pairs for Christmas next year along with a pair of cashmere blends socks for $2!!! The only problem is that you'll be tempted to take them out of the gift drawer for yourself.

So... go now, have a S4 weekend and make sure that you take time to keep it simple!


Bargainista said...

My name's Bargainista but i'm thinking that must be your middle name. Wish i was living in a big city where the good sales are.
Could you pick me up a couple of those birthday gifts?

happygeek said...

I LOVE after christmas sales!

tallmom said...

WOOHOOH CHRISTMAS SALES ARE THE BEST!!! this is also the best time to buy christmas decor!!