Thursday, January 24, 2008

If I was queen of the world!

I know that you are rolling your eyes at this thought but I've decided about some rules that I'd initiate if I was Queen of the World.

  1. No one would ever be allowed to park in two prime parking spaces by just parking over the line. This big vehicles that are all worried about their paint jobs would just get a little zap when they tried to pull this.
  2. People would have to leave short and succinct voice mail messages. That way anyone who struggles with slight ADD won't fall asleep during a long message.
  3. Property taxes wouldn't be allowed to rise by $200 each year... but your value of the home would keep on rising.
  4. Sidewalks would have to be heated so they would never have to shovel snow in the winter. It would just melt right off.
  5. People would not be allowed to serve lame and weak coffee. Everyone would like theirs strong with a bit of cream... and instant coffee would evaporate into thin air.

Why is no one asking me to be queen of the world? I think that we'd have perky (due to the caffeine), happy (because of finding a parking lot) and productive people (because they wouldn't be spending their time on messages and shoveling their walks)! Come on... ask me what my other rules would be... I bet you really want to know.


Bargainista said...

i love the heated sidewalks, Queen Knittinchick. You must've meant for driveways to be heated too...and what about roads too???

happygeek said...

This is too funny! Instant coffee evaporated? What would my MIL drink? Excellent rules oh queen!