Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ever have 'those' moments?

Like when you ...have been walking around the office for almost two hours with your fly undone? ...realize that you have actually laughed out loud while you're skating and listening to a funny podcast and realize that the hockey guys are looking at you with subtle smiles? ...check out a renovation site (related to work) and feel tugging at your legs and realize that the generator cord is between your legs and is crawling up your legs? ...are tired and have a tough time ordering a simple skinny latte at the Starbucks at 7:00 pm and see the 19 year old barista staring at you? Neither have I! Just checking to see if anything like this happened to you yesterday!


happygeek said...


MomOfTheCrazies said...

I've paraded through the entire foyer of my church thinking I'm stylin' only to have some kind lady come up to me and tell me I forgot to cut the tags off my new pants. Does that count?

I can feel your pain.

Bargainista said...

How about spinach between your teeth as you smile widely to the visiting people at your place of work...not that i would know about that, tho'. Ha!