Monday, January 14, 2008

Today's favorite store

I made a trip to the local mall and found my favourite place there. I know that you are rapidly thinking about the places that would be my favourite there. There are many places that make it towards the top. Here are today's runner-ups:

  1. Starbucks-need I say more other than Long Americano with room for cream? Nothing like a bit of perk in your step!
  2. Makeup counter-place to go twice a year when I want to feel girly and try different colours and get free samples.

But my favorite is a small little store that is hidden on a not-so-popular part of the mall where Mr. Cobbler works fixing shoes and boots. For $15, he fixed my $60 Consignment Store (that gets brand new shoes) Hush Puppies boots (originally $150) and gave me a couple more years of wear on my three year old boots. You might want to check out Mr. Cobbler and he might reinvent something that you love and don't want to say goodbye to!

1 comment:

MomOfTheCrazies said...

Very, very smart. I'd never thought about that! Although I must admit that besides my sneakers and my beloved boots, all my shoes are from Payless or Walmart. It would probably cost more to fix them than it did to buy them!