Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It truly is the small things!

SO... sometimes the small things are important... more than we think they are. My personality type is ENFJ. Apart from being the best personality type-these people are the types who love the big picture, vision casting, teaching and inspiring. This is actually a good type of personality to have (if I must say so myself) and Oprah shares this personality type as well-because everything you read on the internet is true! I think that it's served her fairly well. The small detail-y details are often a challenge because they are not all that important and are 'inside the box.' I've noticed lately that I might need to pay more attention to the small details though. Here are a few reasons:

  1. I spent over half an hour driving around when I was TWO blocks away from friends house. I had even mapquested them but didn't look close enough. I kept on looking for a landmark that would help out with my directional lack-of-focus! 90% of the time my philosophy of follow your nose works fabulously.... the other 10% is disaster.
  2. I made a detailed list the other day for my errand running focus. It would be a helpful detail to remember it and take it along with me.
  3. Returned all my dvds to the library to avoid late fees but left one of the dvds in the tv. I only noticed three days overdue. The lady who called from the library sounded apologetic like, "We noticed that you didn't have the dvd in the cover." However, I think that her inside voice was, "I don't know if you noticed that there are only about ten massive signs around the drop box reminding you to check inside your package before dropping it."
  4. The last one is illustrated with a picture. You might be able to figure out what problem was with my lack of details...

My Mom (Bargainista) thought that I should title it "My Big Head" This truly was as far as the sweater would go over my head. I might have decreased a few two (or ten) many times. Back to the rippin' pond. Did I mention that this is a sweater that I have knit for myself making adaptations for a shorter body and some 1950s curves that I sport? Next time I'll remember the smallish detail of getting it over my head..

Maybe I'll remember to take my list with me next time! And remember to head over to Bloggy Giveaways to check out the more than 500!!! giveaways. If you haven't entered my contest, make sure you do!


Bargainista said...

Be thankfully that you didn't have any males in your car when you were experiencing difficulities finding your friend's house. Maybe everyone on your blog site knows but we're all laughing with you.

Love the photo!

Bargainista said...

Guess there is a reason why there's a "preview" option for leaving comments. "Thankfully"!