Sunday, December 23, 2007

Un-Norman Rockwell Family Survival Tips

I know that all of you are busy with your cute little children, wrapping up presents, going to see the latest Denzel Washington movie (not that I'm jealous), singing Christmas carols and basically being the perfect Norman Rockwell families.
Well what do you do when you are not the Norman Rockwell family? When your reality is that you can only be entertaining for a certain amount of time and then you run out of material. Especially in Saskatchewan when a 30 minute walk at -30C freezes all imagination, wit and conversational skills.
You become a board game fan! Here's the buying guide for all you yet to be converted board game enthusiasts like I am.
For those of you who have a good understanding of all things trivial, there is the new game, Mental Floss. I chose this because there is a section to detect lies. I'm not the greatest Trivial Pursuit person. People used to fight over who'd get me... "No you take her... no you take her." All because I didn't know that Daylight Savings Time kicks in at 2:00 in the morning. It just changes when you go to sleep. I guess not!
Or... for the witty ones and the people who know sayings, Buzz Word. Like "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." I can get fairly decent success with this... not that I'm competitive.
How about the new (to Knittinchick) game Imaginiff. You put all the player's name on the board along with people that everyone knows and have to answer questions like, "If Knittinchick saw a robbery, what would she do?" People voted that I would scream hysterically and then offer counselling. Man, do my friends know me or what?
Or the final one, Be Rhymed. Apparently it's all about rhyming but I haven't played it yet. I sense that I could have fun with that ... but I'm having too much fun voting about everyone in Imaginiff.
Have fun with your Norman Rockwell and not-so-Norman-Rockwell families.


MomOfTheCrazies said...

I must say as far as boardgames go, I really like Cranium because it has a bit of everything. There won't be many games being played at our house this year as child #1 cries whenever she doesn't win, child #2 likes to move the game pieces all willy-nilly (have to love that word) just to annoy child #1, and Dave and I are very competitive against each other. Doesn't make for a fun time!

KnittinChick said...

The thought of a crying child takes the joy off of anything. I can just picture Child 2 moving things around willy-nilly. What a cutie:-) (spoken as somoene who is away from the action!)