Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"It's just like riding a bike!"

So... you've heard everyone say, "It's just like riding a bike. You could never forget." Hmmm... Having gone through a difficult season in my life, I realized that I have focused too much on work and other people's needs and need to develop interests of my own. What shall I do so I am not so much of a loser? Well, I do pay $260/year to belong to this community and they have one of the nicest outdoor rinks. There is even a separate hockey rink so you don't have to fight your way through the hockey sticks. There is a lit fire in the middle of the pleasure ice in the winter evenings. It's quite fabulous. I'm going to buy skates! Went to Canadian Tire and got the skates. (Bargainista: they were on sale!) I'm remembering how it is just like riding a bike as I go for the first time to the rink, in the middle of the day so no one will see me, and just about wipe out! I make it through the first day but have proceeded to take off about three layers of skin on my own leg as I didn't have my socks up high enough and the skates rubbed on there. Great, I already have a sports injury. I have kept up with it for the past week and have had better days if you don't count the time that the four year olds were lapping me. However, yesterday as I had a trippy moment (it was warm so the ice was melting) I remembered that in college I got on a borrowed bike after not riding for several years and proceeded to check the brakes on the bike by cranking on them with all my 5'2" energy. I then went literally flying over the handlebars and wiped out severly and had problems walking for a couple of days. I might still have the war wounds. They are right. It's just like riding a bike!


happygeek said...

A sports injury! Tee hee hee. Good for you with the skates however! Enjoy it!

MomOfTheCrazies said...

A note from Dave:

Having suffered the same fate with my feet this summer with roller blades might I suggest you visit your neighbourhood Running Room.
They have a product called Bodyglide that is the best thing ever for Blisters. I where it when going on Forced marches, with my roller blades and when doing outdoor work on my hands to avoid blisters - works like a charm.

Enjoy the rink.

MomOfTheCrazies said...

Okay, this comment is actually from the momofthecrazies. My question is: They have the push bar thingies for kids so they don't fall over while trying to learn how to skate. Why don't they have them in my size???