Monday, December 17, 2007

Giving the scary gift

Have you heard the commercial on the radio where the guy tells you how to practice being excited about Christmas gifts when you really didn't want them? "Oh thank you." "How lovely." "I've never something quite like this." It's hilarious because you know that you've done it before. I know that I have but it wasn't for a Christmas present. Bargainista (my mom) loves a good deal and has been known to provide me with many laughs over her great hunting. She's actually famous for it within our family. A dress for $5... well, she's done it! She could probably beat you at any great deal story. I digress. Bargainista was visiting me just before Easter one year in my 577 square foot condo and brought me a little Easter present. Oh how nice. Who doesn't love a present? I open it up and there is a little 12" Easter 'tree' that looks like a Charlie Brown tree but with Easter eggs, spring-y things hanging off it. I tend to like the Zen look more-you know, uncluttered. It really wasn't me. Too Cutesy. I didn't want to hurt her feelings so like the commercial urges you, I said: "How thoughtful." (is this what you think of me?) "How seasonal" (I'm your daughter, don't you know that I don't decorate for Easter?) "Thank you." (Always have a grateful heart! Do I have to write a thank you card?) "Mom, you really didn't have to." (No seriously, you didn't have to.) "Is there a special story behind this?" (This must have been a killer sale.) "You could probably use this every year." (Where am I going to store it?) Bargainista let me go for about five minutes before telling me that she knew that it wasn't me and wanted to see how I'd react to something that wasn't me. (Don't worry, it was on a good sale.) A joke! From the sweetest lady ever. She got me. We laughed so hard afterwards. I reassured her that she had taught me many polite responses. She took it away with her and puts it out every Easter and usually calls me to let me know! May you hit the mark with all the presents you get this year!


MomOfTheCrazies said...

I've received some "interesting" gifts from my in-law's. Thankfully they're not usually around when I open them so they can't see my immediate response. I'll have to work harder on my "gracious face".

By the way, I forgot to mention on your last post, you are a cool aunt that my girls adore.

happygeek said...

Welcome to bloggin. You'll love it! I've got a bit of a problem, I am listed up there with all thsoe terribly crafty and beautiful blogs and I am neither. Maybe I should have my own category: Crazy cousin that we smile and nod at a lot.
Love your post btw!