Thursday, December 27, 2007

Post Holiday Weight Loss

Hold onto your seats! I've come up with the perfect (well on second thought, maybe not-so-perfect) ways to lose the Holiday Weight Gain that was helped by Bargainista making a batch of Auntie Yummy Squares. Exercise: Since it is the winter time, you may want to do some winter exercise. Bundle up as it is cold outside. If you go cross country skiing for the first time in years and are basically breaking your own trail, you might get more of a workout than you had in mind. You will have a workout in specific places in your bottom that you didn't know existed. And your thighs and your neck (who knows why?), your arms and you'll hurt for two days afterwards. I'm sure that if you are going after a long break, you'll probably burn more exercise than those annoyingly perky Participation people on tv tell you it will. Knitting: All you non-knitters think that I'm kidding but you really can lose weight by knitting. After all, you don't want to get your knitting dirty with the Cheetos dust, sticky squares residue or potato chips. I'm sure that it burns even more calories than just sitting around watching tv. Flu bug: Now, this is the most extreme way of all but requires some serious determination. You must stay around the house as you will want to be near the washroom. Food won't stay with you for long but be forewarned: even the most serious foodie won't even care about eating food. You might think that you want to die, you'll think that pj's are a serious fashion statement and you won't even care about going to your LYS's (local yarn store) Annual-After-Christmas-Sale. Even though you will lose some serious weight, you have to be seriously committed and know that there are some significant side effects. Good luck with losing your weight gain losses. Personally, I'd just encourage you to up your veggie intake after New Year's Day.

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MomOfTheCrazies said...

Sorry to hear you've had the flu. We only get colds (and pink eye of course) at our house. And when I get a cold, I just feel like eating cookies, cheese and crackers, hot chocolate, creamy soups, and chocolate. Not the best for weight loss.

I do agree with the knitting thing though. If your hands are full, you're much less likely to nibble. Probably why I haven't knit in a long time!