Monday, December 31, 2007

Child of the '80s

Ahh... the baby boomers talk about being a child of the '60s with reminiscence and fond memories of their pot smokin', protesting, love festin' days but I am a child of the '80s. This has been driven home in the past few days by a few reminders.

  1. My friend commented on how she's been referring to things as gift certificates instead of gift cards. Upon hearing someone else say this, I realized that I had been doing this with regularity as I pulled out my gift card to Starbucks (thank you cool friends!)
  2. I picked up a dvd gift set of ... no, not the latest season of Lost or 24 but rather The Cosby Show. As my body was on a bit of a detox plan, I wasn't going anywhere and watched the whole Season 3 of the Huxtables. I fondly remembered all the shows. (side note: wasn't Theo cute?) What children would now consider wierd with all of the legwarmers, bright and crazy sweaters, and impossibly large earrings were nothing but happy reminders of my childhood. Yeah for ugly colours that don't match at all!
  3. I killed myself laughing at the new KIA commercial on tv that had the salesman dancing around like in Flashdance. Ahh, the 20 somethings will not get it and think that man has major issues but I thought that he was cool.
  4. I just picked up a stereo that I can dock my ipod on and play cds in. This will replace the ghetto blaster that I bought off my brother second hand 13 years ago. As much as it was a nice big piece of cd and cassette playing love, I'm happy to be retiring it. Did I mention that the stereo with speakers and all is the same size as the ghetto blaster?

I guess that 2008 will be here in a few hours but for now, I'm happily going to go have a moment with my old ghetto blaster.


MomOfTheCrazies said...

Your comment on the Happy Geek's blog about your David Meece tape would fit right in with this post!

Have a happy New Year's and enjoy your party. We cancelled going to ours as I'm sick (again!) I'm very, very sad about that!

KnittinChick said...

That has got to be one of the saddest things ever... free babysitting having to be turned down due to sickness.

Bargainista said...

Sounds like fun. You should have invited me...(i'm a child of the 50's, but quite 'hip' at that)... instead i'm working the New Yr. in!
Happy New Years