Saturday, December 22, 2007


Handing out Christmas cards is a nice tradition that many people do but there is the chance that it might become rote or routine! Not so with Bargainista or her neighbor who I'll affectionately call Farmin' Gramps! Bargainista is a bit of quiet wit... unless you know her well, you won't know this but once you do... watch out:-) About 12 years ago, Farmin' Gramps and his wife gave a Christmas card to Bargainista and my dad, Building Guy. The next year it was cut up and placed lovingly on a card and returned. Farmin' Gramps saved it for a year and then returned it as ... It took a break for a couple of years when Bargainista and Building Guy were going through a bit of a challenging season but alas, it had to be resurrected. Tradition is tradition after all. This is a couple years combined. A story written into the Christmas carols calendar inspired by Bargainista's wit. Then new elements need to be added. I'm sure that stainless steel was found in King Tut's tomb...known to be a strong and steady element. But Bargainista had new ideas for this new element! Delicate dried flowers from her garden. Last year, it wood have been important to introduce have something solid. Bargainista reassures me that although it is the same as the hardwood floors, Farmin' Gramps used a scrap and didn't cut a hole in the kitchen floor. Bargainista went against the grain and sent back a spicy Christmas greeting. The scent of cinnamon and cloves follows it now. Have fun with all your traditions. We sure are!

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