Friday, April 18, 2008

You just can't shake it!

So... you do turn into your family members as illustrated by last night's visit to the nieces and nephews. There were four little ones under the age of five-I was tired after a few hours but my little love tank was overflowing. "Auntie Knittinchick, shall we do cheers together?" "Auntie Knittinchick watch me roll over this ball." "Auntie Knittinchick, I love you." and the best, "Dear Jesus thank you for Auntie Knittinchick playing with us and bringing me buttons for my collection!" However, I noticed that my Auntie, cousin and I all had a few things that we said... you grow into your roots instead of leaving them as illustrated by:

  • What's up pun'kin?
  • I need to hear the nice words before I refill your drink.
  • We clear off our plates before we get more.
  • Oh, eating your vegetables makes you strong and gives you good eyesight.
  • Clean up, clean up (sung outloud) but this was reprimanded by Spud who told me I was "singing it wrongly"
  • We all need to take our turns.

And last but definitely not least, "I love you!" which was said several times throughout the night to all kids regardless of behavior... This is a sure-fire way to guarantee that they say the same sorts of things to their kids!

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Bargainista said...

That's a bit of a comforting thought that you do turn into your family members. Especially when i happen to like my family.
From the sounds of your evening, Granola granny is right about single aunties always being kids FAVORITES.