Saturday, April 26, 2008


So... I hope that I win something on Bloggy Giveaways but I have good news! The lucky commenter was #17 Shane who told us about her not-so-fabulous experience with giving a handmade gift. Congrats:-) I got such a kick out of the comments about your homemade gifts. I have the following pieces of advice to recipients of handmade gifts:

  • Don't throw it in the garbage while the giver is around... you'll get caught.
  • Don't tell a generous scrapbooker that you didn't want her to take pictures of her wedding-only the photographer is supposed to do that!
  • Don't tell someone that you wished you would have gotten a gift card instead after they have spent two months on the gift.

It just goest to show that my mother was right. Say thank you, show appreciation to the person and wear your nice pants not your rude pants when you receive a gift!


CanCan said...

Congrats! And, good advice. We can all take note...

Bargainista said...

What great stories everyone had. i loved reading them. Can't believe how bold and unkind some people can be when given a gift made w. love!