Wednesday, April 16, 2008


So... another sign that you live in suburbia is that the thought of slashing is a good thing and it doesn't remind you of a Stephen King novel. I went to the local kids' consignment store to get the cool pacifiers that have the little snap over them when they are dropped as children tend to do for a coworker's grandson's shower... life hasn't been that rough on me lately. (Don't worry... these along with the Squeaker runners are new!) But as I was leaving, I checked out the Clearance rack with the red slash which means 60% off consignment prices.

So... Auntie Knittinchick got for the low price of $8.23:

  1. Gap t-shirt
  2. Fisher Price t-shirt
  3. OshKosh tricycle t-shirt
  4. Denim dress
  5. Denim jumper w/ tee
  6. 3 month sleeper
  7. Short and tee outfit

Isn't that amazing? Bargainista would be proud:-)


happygeek said...

Very cute!
I'm quite impressed!
I will be getting the name of this store from you soonest I think!

Bargainista said...

No Kiddding! i AM proud of you and your bargains! They look wonderful and all those pieces for that price! Wow! i must be living in the wrong town. i can't find bargains like that around here!

i did notice that you mentioned the great designer names on the clothing. i remember two young girls groaning, when i became excited about my finds in consignment stores a number of yrs ago and would mention the great designer names attached. Love it!

KnittinChick said...

The problem is that you tried to make 'not quite' designer clothes sound exciting by saying it with a French accent.

Yes I realize the irony of me turning into you:-)

Bargainista said...

Ha! Ha1 Ha! You are too funny!

i DO look forward to shopping at Consignment stores with you sometime in the future. (i never thought that would happen. Please don't disappoint me, it could be SO much fun!)

granola_granny said...

Not so fast Happy Geek and Bargainista... others want the scoop on this HOT 'signment store no matter how you pronounce what you buy there.