Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Love technology

So last night I was in my adult ed class in webinar format and I realized that I have moments when I love it when technology doesn't work. We could hear the instructor but she couldn't hear us so the online discussion was restricted to online chatting. Guess what that means? Lots of mental focus while I was able to knit on my project from a one-skein knitting book out of sock yarn. A friend's baby girl that is due on July 7th will enjoy it. I love it! I also wore yoga pants and a white tank top that looks like white trash. Love online learning! For the record, I do not love technology problems when the power goes out, I can't access my online calendar, when html doesn't make sense, my work budget file mysteriously disappears... but for last night, I loved it!!!


Bargainista said...

Your 'learning' experience last night kind of sounds like the days in school when we had a substitute teacher. The class got away w. stuff that would never happen when our regular teacher was there.

Please post a photo of the finished knitting project. Love to see it!

happygeek said...

Here's to white trash wear!
LOVE the project. What pretty colours.