Friday, April 25, 2008

Li'l realizations

Here's the following things that I have issues with this week:

  • All the time I've 'invested' on the Bloggy Giveaways... on the hope that the bloggers that allow Canadians into their contests will pick my name! Everyone who has US only contests say that it is because they don't want to pay the additional postage... but there might be a conspiracy here and they are just jealous that they don't get to live in Canada.
  • Spent $54 willy-nilly at one place... get this exciting purchase... on a tank of gas for my economy car! goes to show that being a geek and driving a small economy car is a good thing.
  • Feeling like I've gone backwards on my burnout recovery due to a serious lack of energy this week when I get home. Yesterday I slept for a bit after work so I'd be up to watching a new Grey's Anatomy. Really do med students actually steal rather utilitarian items such as bedpans for a salad bowl? I think not.
  • The snow that is taking its time in melting... please melt so I have more energy and can put the cushions out on my swing outside and be a cool person who knits and reads on her outside swing! yes, I realize the irony in this statement... it doesn't necessarily give you cachet b/c you are sitting outside while knitting-it is still knitting! I might even bbq for friends when the weather warms up!

But... then I realize that I have two friends who are facing liver cancer and spent some time in the hospital with a good girlfriend who just gave birth a preemie and who was just under 2 pounds when I visited them. Puts it all into perspective, doesn't it? I have so much to be grateful... Even though it's been a bad energy week, I know that it will progressively get better and there is always hope in the midst of toughie times! Hope you keep your perspective today-after all it is Friday!


happygeek said...

Yes, it always helps to get perspective!
Here's to plus ten this weekend!

Bargainista said...

Sorry that things have gone a little backwards on you...but glad that you have some perspective there.
Sorry to hear about your 2 friends w. liver cancer.