Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Signs of a good friend

I am such a big fan of the consignment store in the neighborhood. As I am seeing the nieces today, I thought that I'd pop in on Monday just to see if there were any $1 tees or something equally riveting. Although the clearance rack didn't have anything that worked for me, I saw that they had maternity clothes. One of my good friends is pregnant so I thought I'd check it out. I picked up a couple shirts for her. As she's close to the same size as me in non-pregnancy clothes, I held them up to myself to see if they'd work.

So as I'm purchasing these couple shirts, I notice someone that I know from church. Hmmm... would she notice that a singleton is purchasing maternity clothes? So, I say in an almost stage voice to the other employee helping me, "You know that you're a good friend when you purchase maternity clothes for your friend." Eeks... that could have been slightly mortifying!


Bargainista said...

You ARE a good friend,...and i think she is going to like them!
Was with your sister a few wks. ago when she was in an Outlet Maternity store purchasing clothes for her pregnant friend. We had a blast! Must be something about being a support but not actually having to go through the pregnancy.

happygeek said...

Yeah, that is how really bad rumours get started.
Have fun with the niecies!

granola_granny said...

Looking at some of the shirts for the younger set, I see a lot of what looks like maternity clothes to me. So no explaination is required! Maybe even save a T for you!