Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Annie Liebowitz I am not!

So... yesterday was an exciting day at the House of Knittinchick. A sock was finished for a birthday present at the end of June. This must be commemorated with a photo. Normal, yes? Well to knitters this is....
But my international student came downstairs while I was having a little photo session and just about lost it with laughter. She ran back upstairs to get her camera and take a picture of me documenting my sock progress. I'm a little worried about what her Japanese friends will think back home of Canadians! Oh well... it's just Canadian culture, right?


Bargainista said...

Nice soxes! Don't let your student try them on unless you are willing to see them disappear before your eyes. i know i just love the soxes you knit for me and if i saw a pair within reach, you might wonder where you misplaced them.

happygeek said...

Leave it to a Japanese student to take a picture of you taking a picture.
tell her she has to be nice or you won't knit HER anything.