Sunday, June 15, 2008

"Life" happens

There's a saying about life happening. Well, today it did... unfortunately, it decided to stop some functioning machinery of the household it a rather dramatic way. The good thing (er, not so good thing) is that it happened to my student. Imagine being in a foreign country, picking up the dreaded phone and telling your homestay host that you need her to come home quickly for an emergency. Not a great way to start a day. Good thing I was 20 minutes away! Double good thing that my quick thinking about Mr. Plunger and turning off water flow worked. They're right! "Life happens!"


Bargainista said...

Good job you were only 20 min. away. Your student will be able to add that to her bag of experiences that she is getting an education on in Canada.
Hope that she has another phone number to call should you be more thatn 20 min. away.

Anonymous said...
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happygeek said...

Sometimes your cup overflows with joy, sometimes, well it is something else.