Monday, May 5, 2008

Wrapping up a li'l love

So... I have been hearing other knitters talk about prayer shawls in podcasts and on other places. I decided to start a prayer shawl for a lady who I respect and love who is battling pancreatic cancer. I saw a beautiful lace pattern for a Woodland Shawl in handpainted, soft and beautiful Smooshy yarn (insert: no scratchiness at all!) I decided to just go for it.
In typical Knittinchick fashion, this lace pattern takes a bit of concentration to make the leaves turn out... one is starting while its neighbor is finishing. It is very pretty but is not a traveling project. You have to focus to execute the pattern well. Note to any of you that might be tempted to do this: It is highly recommended that you not take it to a coffee shop when you are talking to people about leaving behind painful pasts and leaving with freedom. It tends to take away some of the sincerity when you announce proudly after someone has poured out their hearts, "Knit five, yarn over...what was that you were saying?" Or while watching a heart pounding mystery or talking to someone on the phone.
While I knit away, I am praying for peace and healing for this friend. My more-curvy-than-normal body, hair that sometimes doesn't work and lack of cooking inspiration really seems small and insignificant compared to what others are facing these days.


Bargainista said...

That looks absolutely beautiful. i know that your friend will be so moved by your love and prayers in producing the shawl.
Bless you!

happygeek said...

what an amazing idea.
I know how blessed we were with the baby blanket that you had knit for Spud but even more blessed by the prayers that accompanied the knitting of it!