Saturday, May 3, 2008

Can you hear me?

So... in my work, I deal with people a lot. I meet at Starbucks often (insert caffeine high perk!) to talk to people and use the phone A LOT! Often about confidential matters as well. So lately, I've been having some issues with my work phone. I bring to you the past two weeks of conversation:

  • Knittinchick: How are you doing? (normal voice)
  • response: I am having problems hearing you!
  • KC: Sorry, can you hear me now? (clear voice, a bit louder)
  • response: It's a bit better, but it's like you're talking through big static.
  • KC: My phone has issues. I'll make it quick. How is your cancer or heart attack or 'health' issues? Can I help you? (now yelling into the phone)
  • response: I can hear you now but there is something wrong with your phone.
  • KC: I'll email you about the rest of my thoughts. Have a great day (still yelling)

So after two weeks of yelling and rather infuriating frustration with my phone, I insist on the admin who does phone stuff at work replacing my phone. She and another coworker replace the headset but tell me that someone went into my phone and taped over the mouthpiece (as in they took it apart, used up some good quality tape and put it back together).

I'm taking ideas of ways to get back at my coworker. I'd appreciate something that has two weeks of pain for this coworker.


Beth said...

Oh, that is so wrong. Let's see....take the ball out of his/her computer mouse at work? Forward LOTS and LOTS of junk mail? Hide ALL the staplers, pens, paper clips, etc. from his/her desk?

Where I work, we usually put a bunch of junk in their locker when they're gone, or staple their lab coats sleeves closed....

MomOfTheCrazies said...

If you're looking for mischevious things to do to a co-worker, you should talk to my dad and my brother. They've been known to play a prank or two in their time!

Bargainista said...

How funny! They got you good, and they do deserve some acknowlegement for their efforts. i can't think of something really good right now but beth has some good ideas, and i was thinking as i read it, that your uncle could be a storehouse of pranks. Will catch up w. you later, when i get a brainwave!

granola_granny said...

I think that you should do nothing but have an air about you that you know something they don't. Do that for about three weeks. Then make like you have forgotten the whole deal and when they have relaxed do all of beth's wonderful ideas all on the same day. Don't forget there's always the nasty mystery odor attached somewhere in an obscure place on their desk. My church has a lot of stink bugs otherwise known as Maple Bugs I would happily donate.

MamaBear said...

Let's see ... I would fill out EVERY magazine subscription request and credit card request in his/her name and just sit back and laugh as the bills roll in.

Wait ... is that even LEGAL?? LOL!