Thursday, May 22, 2008

All a flutter

So... I knit my mom a sweater for her birthday and for Mother's Day. BUT... I didn't do the armholes exactly right for her. This is not good. It's always nice to have both arms sticking out of your sweater. So, I'm supposed to be fixing it right now. However, the thought of fixing something is just not as exciting as starting something new. So, I've started on another sweater instead. How do we spell procrastination? Procrastination, thy name is Flutter Sleeve Cardigan. The good thing is that it has been raining outside (both for my lawn and for the sake of pursuing my procrastination project!) Maybe I should reward myself with a new project if I fix the old one? What will motivate me more?


Bargainista said...

ABSOLUTELY!!! Fix your waiting project and you will be SO motivated to start your new one, that it will fly by in record time.
Did i mention you should fix your mother's project first! You have no idea how excited she will be to wear it. And i understand that her birthday is within the wk.

happygeek said...

Grumpy mommas who want their sweaters should be plenty of motivation!

Love ya Bargainista!

Bargainista said...

Grumpy momma or Happy momma, i am looking forward to wearing the lovely sweater w. my 'birthday suit'.

No pressure, tho'

Thanks for your vote HG, i think!

granola_granny said...

Now if my Momma threatened to wear her 'birthday suit' I'd definitely be motivated!

MomOfTheCrazies said...

I've never attempted to "fix" a knitting project. The part I really don't like is sewing it together and blocking it.

Happy birthday Auntie Bargainista!

tallmom said...

its a very nics sweater that you are making!!