Wednesday, May 28, 2008

30... again!

Today is brought to you by the number ... 60! That's because my Mommie Bargainista is 30 for double luck! So... happy for you Mommie. Remember when you turned 50 and we put a sign on your car and you drove all around your small town of 2200 people+200 dogs that said, "I'm 50 today!" That was fun wasn't it? Good thing you're not going to be mortified today by your loving children. Even though I was a bad daughter and didn't fix your tank top, there is a little package that should be arriving today. Here's a hint... it's good!

Hope it's a great day... if I was there I'd cook for you. On second thought, it might be better that I'm not there.


Bargainista said...
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Bargainista said...

Thanks KC! You are good w. words. You make a Big Birthday seem not half bad!
i do remember my Birthday 10 yrs. ago and your vibrant announcement to everyone in town. i have a feeling that you were in collaboration with your brother for this one too!
There is a huge banner mounted in our yard announcing today's fateful news.
i am so grateful for each of my kids and the spice that you daily add to my life. Bless you guys! Now if you will excuse me, i'm off to the P.O. in a flash. Thanks in advance. i know that i am going to love it!

Bargainista said...

All your blog readers should know that the whole project looks absolutely beautiful. What a great job you did on it!
And without being conceited i think i look pretty good in it too. i am wearing it today as the 'jacket' to my birthday suit.
i will wear it with pride!

granola_granny said...

Knittin, you are the best!! A mom, or even an auntie, could be very proud of a chick like you.

tallmom said...

happy B day bargainista

happygeek said...

Happy B-day Bargainista!

Bargainista said...

i had a wonderful B.Day! Thank you for your kind wishes.