Friday, May 2, 2008

Shopping mall escapades

So... I am a short person. This creates unique situations such as always having a stepstool in your kitchen, wearing heels to look professional (ha, ha... just to be seen) and being the end of funny jokes. But as I was at the shopping mall last night looking for a pair of pants-now that's depressing-looking at the 'junk in the trunk' with the abysmal lighting of change rooms-I was wondering about capris and long shorts. I know that the British What not to Wear girls would say no but what say you? Capris/long shorts?

  • Do they work for business casual?
  • Will they make me look shorter?
  • Where should the capris end? I know that they shouldn't look like flood pants but other than that, I'm at a loss.
  • Are they ok if you have curves?
  • Should I just avoid and get petite sized skirts for the spring?

I ended up getting a pair of pants on sale at Cleo and being surprised by an additional 25% off at the till so I forgot about my height restrictions until this morning when I started thinking about my spring/summer wardrobe. Hmmm... maybe I should just focus on that additional 25%.


Beth said...

I loce capris and long shorts, but I have a problem. My husband has a fit every time I wear capris. I'm already short (5'3") and apparently he thinks they make me look shorter, if that's even possible. I'm afraid I can't help you!

Beth said...

Sorry, I love capris, not loce them!

Bargainista said...

No advice here. You have been my fashion cop. However, as a shortie myself,...i do enjoy wearing capris. i have a pair of navy polyester ones that i think are a very dressy and i even wore them to your gramma's wedding w. a dressy white blouse.

MomOfTheCrazies said...

I have NO idea. I hear about "Walking Shorts" on What Not To Wear and I think I should get some, but everywhere I look it's only short shorts that don't even look long enough for Crazy #1 and Crazy #2 let alone for me!