Thursday, May 1, 2008

The magnet's forcefield is in action!

So... I seem to attract all sorts of 'interesting' situations to myself on a regular basis. I affectionately refer to it as the magnet in my head that creates fodder for my blog, the voices in my head and sometimes even parties. Case in point: trying to have a phone conversation with the new female Asian student who is supposed to be staying with me as of Saturday.

  • She calls me while I'm at a noisy chicks party last Friday night and she could barely hear me because of the laughter in the background.
  • I put on my sensitive hat and tell her to email me with her information so we could talk through email.... because you know, the phone is the hardest thing to conquer in a new language.
  • She doesn't have phone or email access where she's staying. I tell her "No worries." which promptly causes dead silence as I've used an idiom. I tell her to email on Monday.
  • Wednesday rolls around and I haven't heard from her yet. I think that I'll call the hosting agency on Thursday morning to get the email address or some way of confirmation.
  • The student calls last night (I cannot get her name because it is so difficult to understand) and is crying, telling me that she has no money and cannot afford to pay for homestay and needs me to call the hosting agency and convince them to be nice to her and even though she can't pay, let her stay at my home.
  • I try to calm her down. I tell her to not worry, it will be ok. I tell her that I will call the hosting agency but they will have gone home already. "No, no, they are there."
  • She will call me back. I call the hosting agency. They are gone. The receptionist says to reassure the student to not worry. I mention this is when it would be helpful if the student had good English to reassure her without having to explain it three or four times before she gets it... never helpful when you're hyperventilating.
  • When the student calls back, I tell her that I'll call the agency in the morning and she responds that she'll call me at 9:00. internal voice: they open @ 9:00... that won't be good.
  • "No call me at noon." dead silence "Call me at lunch" dead silence "Call me at 12:00." Bingo-we got a connection. "Do not worry. We will be kind." I think that the hyperventilation has calmed down enough to just be tears.

Wouldn't life be boring if it went the way it was supposed to? Instead of my life being a road map, it's more like a mapquest map of a new neighborhood... totally messed up but rather scenic and a good way of seeing the neighborhood. I don't need an entertainment budget... I have the magnet in my head to attract good times to me!

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Bargainista said...

Sounds like you are embarking on a new adventure.
You need to get your student to start her own blog b/c i have a feeling that she could have quite a few stories about us weird Canadians.