Saturday, August 23, 2008

Summer insanity!

So... every summer I get caught up in the loveliness that is the farmer's market. Yesterday I went there and was reminded about how when I went there last year I had to leave because of a massive anxiety attack (insert: even more massive doses of gratitude and joy that I have passed through the valley of burnout!). So... I decided to celebrate by:

  • grabbing lunch at the Ukrainian food kiosk (I was on my lunch hour) served to me by a Mexican guy who is from the same city that my sister lives in... you've got to love irony!
  • having a homemade cupcake
  • stopping at the produce stand and buying two generous bags of peppers for only $6/piece
  • getting a couple baskets of peaches

Granted when I got home last night and needed to deal with the peppers and peaches, I wondered who in their right mind gets so excited about chopping them up and freezing them for the long winter. I do know that I'll enjoy them throughout the winter but I do this every year. Seriously! You'd think I'd learn my lesson.


granola_granny said...

Oh the joy of seeing the peaches sitting in rows of processed jars, or the peppers neatly chopped in freezer bags. It's fabulous in the winter to chuck the contents of a small bag of home frozen corn into a soup or open a jar of homemade salsa at one's Christmas party. You my dear have hit upon the satifaction of providing healthy food for oneself. You are truly independent. Proud to say we're related.

MomOfTheCrazies said...

I was at our local farmers market yesterday. There's just something about a farmers market that makes me a happy girl. We got peaches, zucchini, bread, carrots, yummy little brownies, and some beef jerky. (Can you guess who picked out the beef jerky?) Papa came along with us and got the kids ice cream cones. What a great morning!

Bargainista said...

Sorry kiddo! It must be in the genes. i do the same thing only maybe i am learning a little. Last year i reduced our garden by 2/3's it's size, and i think it's just the right size. Now we have enough produce for ourselves.
i got tired of growing a huge garden and then passing it over the fence to our neighbors who were sipping their cold drinks and enjoying the good life. This yr. i have had some time to sit on my swing and sip a cold drink too!
Would love to take in a farmer's market with you when i come to visit. And would love to give you a hand w. the produce!