Monday, August 11, 2008

Boring, boring, boring

I've decided that a commitment to healthy eating and walking most evenings after dinner is TOTALLY overrated. Seriously, I made a quinoa salad with fruit from the weight watchers cookbook tonight... and thought it was quite tasty. I now am speaking about quinoa (a healthy grain that is good for you). My poor international students. The Korean student (who is as skinny as all get out) who has a hollow leg had to stock up on a muffin after dinner while I was out of the house. Joke's on her though: it was made with Splenda and whole wheat flour!

  • You might want to send out some prayers for the students!


Bargainista said...

i have a similar problem. i need to eat less and loose some weight, but i want to eat healthy and enjoy it. My husband who works hard physically all day, has been coming home and hunting for muffins or cookies...nothing! i AM planning to bake for him but it will definitely be 'goodies' that don't tempt me (like no chocolate). And my low calorie treats are hidden!

happygeek said...

I think I will send home some snickers for your international students. I can't eat em anyway.