Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Things you never knew

So... I'd like to let you know what I have been learning about the different ways of this world. We are not all the same! Case in point:

  • Not every country flushes their TP in the toilet. Some put in the trash can.
  • Not every country eats bran muffins or cereal for breakfast. Many eat fried and smelly meats first thing in the morning.
  • Not every country embraces the sunny weather of the summer. Some use umbrellas to protect themselves against the sun.
  • Not every country considers the noise of eating a big deal.

Good thing we're not all the same! I realize that maybe I may have gotten stuck in my ways.... but we all love the same things: knowing that we're appreciated, a nice meal and fun with friends.

1 comment:

Bargainista said...

My girlfriend who has many international friends was just telling me that noisy eating is a sign of great appreciation of your food. Sounds like your food is appreciated!